Marc Raco cast in fictional Zack Akers podcast “Limetown”

limetownMarc has been cast in a  small role in the pilot for an audio podcast series “Limetown” In this fictional podcast, a young reporter for NPR digs into the sudden disappearance of nearly 500 people. Ten years ago the world was left shocked when nearly 500 people mysteriously vanished from a small town in White County, Tennessee, known commonly as Limetown. American Public Radio journalist Lia Haddock looks back at the event, speaking with everyone from grieving family members to lead investigators to local reporters, digging deeper than anyone ever has into what really happened to the people of Limetown.

Zack Akers (writer/director) is a documentary filmmaker whose work has appeared on HBO, ESPN, CBS, and NBC. He’s also worked closely with the Zimbalist brothers on several screenplays, including their upcoming film Pele: Birth of a Legend. Skip Bronkie (producer) is currently Brand Manager at Pinterest, formerly a Creative Director and Filmmaker at Facebook.